Fairfield Bay Community Club, Arkansas

Fairfield Bay Community Club upgraded their tennis facilities in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas with 8 Laykold Masters Color courts.  The Medium Green and Grass Green Laykold Master topcoats look great with the stunning backdrop.



Creekmore and Tilles Parks in Ft Smith, Arkansas

Ace Surfaces crew just finished 16 courts in Ft Smith Arkansas! They installed 4 Laykold Masters Color Courts at Tilles Park, 4 Laykold Masters Color Courts and 4 Laykold Masters 8 float Courts at Creekmore. The LM 8 floats were chosen by the customer because the courts had a lot of cracks and the LM 8 floating system helps bridge the cracks and does not let them come through to the service. All Laykold Masters systems come with a 5 year warranty. The City of Ft Smith Arkansas is now ready to play tennis!

Columbus, OH Mini Pitch Futsal Court for Columbus Crew

Ace Surfaces installed a mini pitch court in Columbus, Ohio featuring Laykold Masters Color with custom colors and logos.  Below you can see the before and after. It is quite a transformation!

Orlando Boys and Girls Club Futsal Court

Ace Surfaces installed another futsal court for Orlando City Soccer in partnership with the US Soccer Foundation, SNHU, MLS Works and Adidas. The court was completed with Laykold Masters Color in Royal Purple with custom logos and a windscreen. See the link below for a video on how this court contributes to the community.


Orlando City Foundation Futsal Court

Ace Surfaces is proud to be partnering with the Orlando City Foundation building Futsal courts for the Orlando community. We just wrapped up our second futsal court installation with them, with more to follow. The installation was at Frontline Outreach Center. Here is a slideshow showing what it really takes to complete a mini pitch futsal court.