Orlando City Foundation Futsal Court in Orlando, Fl

Ace Surfaces loves our relationship with the Orlando City Foundation. It is so rewarding installing the courts in our community knowing that they will help build a great foundation for children in Orlando.

@acesurfaces recently completed a futsal court and tennis court transformation at Rock Lake Community Center.  The grand opening was a fun one, because the Orlando City Foundation demonstrated what their program is all about.

The futsal court is Laykold Masters Color in Royal Purple with custom logos, lines and windscreens. The tennis courts are Laykold Masters Red and Grass Green.


Laykold Masters 8 install in Palm Beach

Ace Surfaces just recently installed a Laykold Masters 8 at a private residence in Palm Beach. This is not the first install for this customer, Ace has installed many courts for them in the past for various locations around the world.

Using Laykold Masters Grass Green and Pro Blue, with custom multi sport lines resulted in an excellent new tennis court!


Chicago Futsal Courts

Our crew has been hard at work in the City of Chicago improving it one Futsal Court at a time. The first installation was at Palmer Park installing a futsal court on new asphalt using Laykold Masters Color in Grass Green and Pro Blue.

The second installation was at Spry School. This installation resurfaced an old parking lot using Laykold Masters in custom colors with custom logos.